68˚ and Clear

An eleven-year-old African-American mugger saves the life of a 40-something suicidal white widow. Just another day in Los Angeles, where it is always 68 degrees and clear. (IMDb)

68˚ and Clear uses my songs “Democracy at the Point of a Gun” and “I See Everything.” The inspiration for the title came from my song, “Good Day in L.A.,” but as the project developed, the song didn’t ultimately fit.

The collaboration originated from friendships developed at Clippers basketball games in the early ’00s. The director, Dawn Westlake, was a season ticket holder, as was my sister. The boy star of the film sat behind Dawn with his mother at the games. My sister and I sat behind dancing Clipper Darrell, so we were always on the jumbotron during his antics. To make long story short, Dawn spotted me at a film festival in the off-season and we began working together shortly after that.