I’ve always loved creating spaces for words to be heard. Some of my favorite experiences have been working with actors, directors and poets to enhance their work on the stage. I used to be half of the house duo for a series called Red Sea Poetry at the Hudson Theater in Hollywood. That’s where I met the director that first asked me to score a film, actually. I accompanied some experimental solo theater in Los Angeles and New York. Then around 2000 I started working with the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) and Shakespeare Center Los Angeles on youth-oriented projects. I created music and sound design for what are called Compassion Plays (now presented by Encompass) and mentored teens creating music and soundscapes for a program called Will Power to Youth. This program gives youth living below the poverty level a paid summer job creating original plays based on The Bard’s, incorporating their contemporary life experiences. It’s a wonderful program!

Composition + Sound Design examples: [cref kick Kick] | [cref horizon-line Horizon Line]